At the two hundred and fourth session of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, held on 06.12.23, the need for availability and proactive cooperation with citizens and the civil sector by the state administration bodies was discussed in order to improve active transparency and access to public information.

In doing so, several conclusions were made and adopted, with which the state administration bodies undertake to promptly provide free access to public information in accordance with the Law in a clear and comprehensible manner, in written and electronic form (published on their Internet pages); to check the functionality of communication channels (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers) in order to make them more accessible to citizens; to respond indiscriminately, transparently, timely and reasonedly to requests from stakeholders in their daily operations; as well as to cooperate with each other in all phases of creation and implementation of the work program of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Agency for the Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information supports these conclusions and recommends that the holders of public information consistently respect the standards of transparency and accountability in the future and improve the digital capabilities of institutions to facilitate and automate the process of opening the data. Only in this way will the institutions and their work be more accessible to the end users — the public information requesters, i.e. the citizens- and will contribute to strengthening accountability mechanisms in the creation of policies.


More on the Government’s conclusion at the following link:

Draft minutes of the 204th session of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

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