Under Article 30 of the Law, the Agency performs the following competencies:

– The Agency conducts an administrative procedure and decides on appeals against the decision by which the holder of public information refused or rejected the request for access to information of the applicants;

– Ensures the implementation of the provisions of this Law;

– Prepares, publishes and updates a list of information holders;

– Provides opinions on draft laws that regulate free access to information;

– Develops policies and provides guidelines on exercising the right to free access to public information;

– Conducts misdemeanor proceedings through the Misdemeanor Commission, which decides on misdemeanors in accordance with the law;

– Undertakes activities related to the education of information holders about the right of free access to the information they have;

– Cooperates with the holders of information regarding the realization of the right of access to information;

– Prepares an annual report on its work and submits it to the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia;

– Carries out works of international cooperation related to the execution of the international obligations of the Republic of North Macedonia, participates in the implementation of projects of international organizations and cooperates with the authorities of other countries and institutions in the field of free access to public information;

– Promotes the right to free access to public information;

– Performs other tasks stipulated by this and other laws.

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