Under Article 30 of the Law, the Agency performs the following:

– conduct administrative procedures and decide on complaints (appeals) against the decisions whereby the holder of the information rejected or denied the applicants’ requests for access to information,

– ensure the implementation of the provisions of this Law,

– prepare and publish a List of information holders,

– provide opinions on draft laws that regulate the free access to information,

– develop policies and provide guidelines on exercising the right to free access to information,

– conduct misdemeanor procedures through the Misdemeanor Commission that decides upon misdemeanors in accordance with the law, – undertake activities for educating and training if the information holders on the right to free access to information that they hold,

– cooperate with the holders of information in the exercise of the right to access to information,

– prepare an annual report on its operation and submit it to the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia,

– perform activities of international cooperation concerning the fulfillment of international obligations of the Republic of North Macedonia, participate in the implementation of projects of international organizations and cooperate with the bodies of other countries and institutions in the sphere of free access to public information,

– promote the right to free access to public information, and

– perform other tasks stipulated in this and other law.