Privacy Policy

In compliance with the Law on the Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information and respective regulations, the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information, the main body responsible for maintaining, is fully committed to safeguarding the privacy and protecting the personal data of all visitors accessing this website.

Applicability Domain         

The website may redirect you to third-party websites that are not under the Agency’s maintenance and management scope. Therefore, this privacy policy does not apply to websites not under the maintenance and management scope of the Agency.

In this regard, this privacy statement is only applicable to the following domains:,, and Exceptions to this rule’s applicability are only permissible if one of these websites has a privacy policy that differs from the others.

What type of data is collected, why is it collected, and how long is it stored? 

No personally identifiable information is gathered whenever a user visits a website that abides by this privacy policy.

Moreover, every single hit to the website is logged in a special log that includes the following information: the full URL of the web page being accessed, the date and time of access, and the IP address that is being used to access the URL. These log entries are stored for exactly one month.

Web Browser Cookies

In order to make navigating the various parts of easier for visitors, the site makes use of cookies to identify certain information about their preferences. These cookies are used to optimize the user experience on this website.

The visitor’s web browser can be configured to reject or warn about the use of cookies on this website. At any time, the visitor can opt to delete all cookies stored on their computer.

Please note that, in some cases, cookies are required for the proper functioning of certain website features. As the site complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the option to accept or reject cookies on

Disclosure of Private Information              

Please remember that some potentially sensitive personal information may be published on the website, which is already in the public domain. The subjects of publicly available personal data have the right to contest the accuracy of those data and have them updated or removed from the website by following the guidelines outlined in The Procedure for the Right to Access, Correction, and Removal of Personal Data.

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