International cooperation and projects

One of the priorities of the Agency for the Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information is to achieve proactive collaboration at the international level. Article 30 (Indent 10) of the Law on Free Access to Public Information (Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia No. 101/2019) specifies that this is also among the Agency’s competencies.

The Agency’s stated mission is to “perform actions pertaining to international cooperation in the fulfilment of the international obligations of the Republic of Macedonia, to participate in the project implementation process of the international organizations, and to cooperate with the bodies of other jurisdictions and institutions in the realm of free access to public information.”

The ongoing requirement to be in line with the dynamic way of life and functioning of each individual in accordance with monitoring and implementation of modernized technical tools on access to public information in society dictates the need for international collaboration and projects, as well as cooperation with international relevant institutions and organizations.

The degree of international collaboration, particularly in the realm of the protection of the right to free access to public information, is also crucial to achieving the objective of uniform standards in all areas. The trajectory of obtained foreign support, with the aim of unhindered provision of the right to free access to public information in the system, will determine the future development of state entities, notably of the information holders.

Ultimately, individuals’ constitutionally protected rights can be fulfilled by ensuring and bolstering free access to public information, while governmental institutions can be held more accountable for their actions thanks to the resulting rise in public scrutiny.

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