TAIEX Workshops



In June 2020, the Agency obtained approval to host a TAIEX workshop titled “Free Access to Public Information as a Tool for Investigative Journalism and the Media,” but due to the extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19, almost all planned activities for this period have become subject to re-planning for an effective application in the coming period.

As a result, a two-day workshop on free access to public information will be organized on April 22 and 23, 2021, with the financial support of the European Commission’s Instrument for Technical Assistance and Information Exchange in collaboration with the Agency for the Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information via online video conference.

The workshop’s objective is to educate state information holders on the law’s exceptions to the principle of open access to public information as well as how to handle requests for such information.

The event will also focus on educating media professionals on how they can make use of the Law on Free Access to Public Information, with the assistance of European experts who will share their insights gained from years of practice in the field, examples of cases they’ve worked on, and their own personal experiences with the law’s beneficial impacts.


  1. Mr. Alexander Kashumov, Key Expert on Free Access to Public Information at IPA-funded project Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration (ProTracco), North Macedonia, Head of Legal Team at Access to Information Programme, Bulgaria
  2. Ms. Anamarija Musa, PhD Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law University of Zagreb, Croatia
  3. Mr. Anže Novak, Prevention Advisor Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia
  4. Ms. Makfirete Morina Sulejmani, Junior Associate in the Legal Department APRFAPI, North Macedonia

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