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In November 2019, the IPA 2 EU Funded Project started the “Promotion of Transparency and Accountability of Public Administration in the Republic of North Macedonia” (EUP / 139891 / DH / SER / MK), referred to as ProTracco. The Agency is the second direct beneficiary of activities contained in Component 2: Support of the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information.

Component 2 includes, inter alia, the following activities:

– Support for institutional preparation of regulations for policy making, in accordance with the Law on Free Access to Public Information;

– Upgrading the capacity and competencies of the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information through preparation of internal documents, functional analysis and systematization and other strategic documents, as well as the development of a Strategy for Free Access to Public Information 2021 – 2025 with the Action Plan;

-Improving the communication and cooperation with the information holders, and officials of the institutions through the development of IT communication tools, as an e-portal for the Information holders, with the aim of increased and consistent application of the Law by the information holders;

– Support for setting Standards for transparency at central and local level with the support of IT tools for measuring the performance, transparency and accountability of state institutions and holders of information in accordance with the Law (Article 10 of the Law);

– Support to the Agency in initiating its new obligation to conduct misdemeanor proceedings for those holders of information who do not act in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Free Access to Public Information (Official Gazette of RSM No. 101/2019);

– Raising public awareness of the right to free access to public information as a fundamental human right through the development and promotion of IT tools, such as an e-portal for Requesters (slobodenpristap.mk). This portal contains the List of Information Holders, where the searchers can electronically deliver the request to the information holders.

The expected results from the implementation of this component will mainly focus on strengthening the institutional capacity of the Agency by promoting and strengthening the implementation of the Law on Free Access to Public Information in the Republic of North Macedonia. It is also planned to achieve through the implementation of many activities such as institutional reorganization and production of internal regulations and other strategic documents, implementation of modernized IT tools for improved operational capacity of the Agency and providing improved services for information holders of public character, raising public awareness of the right to free access to public information, increasing the accountability and transparency of state bodies, as well as strengthening the capacity of information holders to comply with legal obligations and EU standards.


Tender call:

Project contact person:

Mr. Przemislav Musijalkovski, Team Leader, pkm@protracco-project.mk

Mr. Aleksandar Kashumov, Key Expert on Free Access to Public Information, a.kashumov@protracco-project.mk

Mr. Boro Jakimovski, Key Information Technology Expert, b.jakimovski@protracco-project.mk

Link from the project: http://www.protracco-project.mk/

Responsible contact person from APRFAPI: Aleksandra Stojanovska, Department for International Cooperation and Projects, a.stojanovska@aspi.mk




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